Laura & Paddy • Bellingham Castle

Well, what can I say, this wedding was an absolute dream to film. Laura and Paddy got married on the 30th of December in Bellingham Castle just one day before New Years Eve. They are such a relaxed, down to earth couple and didn’t seem phased at all by the craziness of the day.
There is something lovely about a wedding between Christmas and New Years, there’s a certain calmness that you notice with people, the stresses of silly season are fizzing out and people are happy to relax and enjoy themselves.
Bellingham Castle is a stunning venue, it has a way of making a large wedding feel intimate, with it’s many different rooms and cubby holes for people to either have a quiet chat or a group discussion. Their staff are friendly, helpful and really look after wedding suppliers (nudge, nudge, wink, wink to any future couples).
Photography: Lifting The Veil
Hair: Sarah Keogh
Makeup: Sarah Murphy
Ceremony: Nativity of Our Lady, Naul
Reception: Bellingham Castle

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